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We are students first.



E-500 CYT

Welcome to Metamorphic Movement! My yoga center is focused on bringing you the most informative & trauma conscious yoga classes. 
Yoga saved my life after suffering a traumatic brain injury and brain surgery in 2014. I owe who I am now to this practice and can't wait to share it with you all! 
With over 5,000 teaching hours, I strive to grow and learn with each class. From chair yoga, vinyasa yoga, and wall yoga, there is space for EVERY body in my classes.
I am certified in Prenatal Yoga and can ensure each one of my classes is suitable for expecting mommas, regardless of the style of class. 
My mission is to bring the light of what yoga truly is to the community. I am certain that you will find enrichment through yoga at Metamorphic Movement.
Yoga is like cake, with so many options and ways to try it, you are bound to enjoy and savor every piece. 
Find your slice in the yoga world and try out a class today!

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