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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings: 100% face to face in Granbury, Texas!


We have come SO far with technology, you can learn yoga, and become a yoga teacher from anywhere today. 

This kind of accessibility is a blessing to many people - but comes with a catch.

Our fully in person Yoga Training is designed to teach you correct anatomy, alignment, and sequencing to make your yoga life long. 

• In person, you are truly able to see and feel the differences in alignment/misalignment. 

• In person, you are able to be shown and feel adjustments during your practice that fully integrate what you see and what you feel. 

• In person, you can practice different variations based on what the instructor sees in your body. 

• In person, you can see other students practicing in their own unique body; which gives you a greater understanding of what teaching yoga to different people can and will look like. No two bodies are alike. Practicing alongside other students expands your awareness. 

• In person, you do not have the distractions of home, TV, or excess energy.

• In person, you build lifelong community & friendship with other yoga teachers! 

•Online - you simply copy and paste to the best of your seeing & hearing ability. 

At Metamorphic Movement, I want everyone to succeed, which is why I believe in person yoga training is the most beneficial way to achieve lifelong understanding of yoga. 

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For those who have yet to meet me, Hello! My name is Gabrielle Kinser, and I am honored to be the creator and founder of Metamorphic Movement. To say that this is a dream come true is an understatement, this is my SOUL MISSION!

Yoga changed my life for the better in every single aspect, and I can not wait to share this gift with you.

I know the word "teacher training" can sound intimidating, but it is so much more than just learning how to teach a yoga class. It is about finding yourself. It is about understanding your body so deeply that you may create a practice that is sustainable and life long. It is about creating a new story for yourself, and releasing old stories that no longer serve you. It is about YOU!

If you have even the smallest interest in wanting to deepen the understanding of your own energetic body, I invite you to join this transformation.

We will show up to honor ourselves, this practice, and to invoke a massive life change. Are you ready to commit to yourself?

Are you wanting to deepen your practice?

Learn the foundations of yoga & meditation?

Explore your unique body and find how yoga can work best for you?

Learn the rich history of yoga?

Incorporate the chakra system into your personal practice along with teaching?

Learn the connection between the vagus nerve and yogic breath?

Become trauma conscious?

Become a yoga teacher?

In my 200 Hour Trauma Conscious Yoga Teacher Training you will dive deep into the teachings, practice, and love that is yoga. Understanding your own body awareness is the key to unlocking your own sacred world of yoga. Join me in my upcoming training; July 10th-24th for a complete immersion that will transform YOU!  Contact me for any questions, I am excited to hear from you! Text/Call 254-592-7048. Email

Metamorphic Movement Yoga School is World Yoga Federation accredited.

300 HOUR SCHOOL ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN! Learn to advance your teachings using the Metamorphic Movement Method.

Of course, its 100% in person.

Visit the "300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training" tab above for more information!


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings: About

Metamorphic Movement proudly supports & is supported by World Yoga Federation. 

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