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Reiki I & II Training

April 20th (Reiki 1) & April 27th (Reiki 2) 1-6pm.

Are you ready to learn to channel Reiki Energy!? Everyone has access to this light energy. Reiki has been defined as a relaxation and stress reduction technique, that also promotes healing using universal light energy. Stacie, of Metamorphic Movement, will be offering Reiki I & Reiki II training/certification on April 20th & 27th from 1 to 6 both days. 

Reiki I you will learn the history of Reiki, learn what Reiki is, and how to connect to the healing vibration energy. You will then learn how to Reiki yourself and others after receiving an attunement of the Reiki symbol. Reiki II you will learn more advanced forms of healing and meditation; including distance healing, mental and emotional healing, and how to use symbols to increase thestrength and intention of the Reiki method. You will also receive additional attunements. At the end of the classes you will receive certification under Usui Ryoho method of Reiki.“IN PRESENCE OF REIKI, WE FIND HARMONY AND BALANCE IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE.”Cost is $499 for both Reiki 1 & 2. Make a commitment to life change today!

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Reiki & Sound Healing

The How's & Why's

At Metamorphic Movement, we offer Reiki & Sound Healing as a way to help you find balance and peace. Reiki is an ancient form of energy alignment that is intuitive to your body's needs, and can assist you in releasing trauma, anxiety, and emotional or physical hurt. Sound Healing utilizes vibrational therapy to bring your body into a state of relaxation and inner peace. Both Reiki and Sound Healing are great forms of meditaion, especially if you have trouble quieting your mind. Both services, combined or alone, can help bring about a deep sense of inner peace, joy, and calm.

Pricing & Bookings

Reiki with Stacie 

$75 for 45 minute session. Book HERE

CranioSacral Reiki with Gabrielle

$95 for 50 minute session. Book HERE

Private Sound Immersion

$75 for 40 minute session. Book HERE

Distance Reiki

$75 time varies based on situation. Sessions will be done in order received! Enjoy all the same benefits of reiki, without having to leave your house. Book HERE

Meet The Team

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